Building a Dream

Building a Dream is a hands-on bicycle assembly activity designed to motivate and inspire your delegates. Apart from fostering great teamwork and problem solving skills, the activity delivers a meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility element.

Equipped with detailed instructions, teams are tasked to produce as many bicycles as they can with strict quality control imposed. However, teams must solve the presented challenges to “earn” tools and bicycle parts before they can proceed. 
After the bicycles are all assembled, teams will be greeted by the surprise arrival of the recipients - a group of under-privileged children from an organisation of your choice. As the delighted kids wheel off their brand-new bikes, your delegates will walk away fulfilled from the visible rewards of their efforts.

Quick Facts

Location: Indoor
Duration: 120 minutes - 180 minutes
Participants: 24 - 480

Key Learning Benefits

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Networking
  • Strategy Communication
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Project Planning/Time Management
  • Fun/Motivation
  • Corporate Responsibility/Environment Issues
  • Understanding Each Other/Team Dynamics
  • Uniting New/Merged Teams

Our Customer Testimonials

We had managers from different countries participated in the Building a Dream program in Singapore. It is a lot of hard work to get the bikes assembled as this is the first for many of them. They are especially delighted to meet with the children benefiting from their effort and knowing that it makes a difference to them. Overall, it is a well organized and impactful event.

Connell Bros. Co. (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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