Calling The Shots

Can you tell the difference between a Bordeaux, Burgundy or Rioja without looking at the label? Are you able to identify a wine just from its hint of blackcurrants, chocolate, mint or stewed prunes?


Whether you consider yourself an expert, or just appreciate a ‘nice drop’, Calling the Shots is for you. You will discover the language of wine, learn the techniques of tasting and blending, and then put your skills to the test. After an introduction to the world of wine by our experts the teams get to sample everything from top class wines to budget plonks. The secrets of the sommelier are revealed as the participants become conversant with the language and tastes of the wines of the world. 


Now comes the challenge. Blindfolded, the teams will be asked to guess the country of origin, grape variety, vintage and price band of a selection of wines. With their new skills, the participants will be amazed at their powers of identification. They are then introduced to the art of blending and will create their own unique blend from fine wines. They then present their blend using the language of wine and receive expert appraisal for their efforts.


The winning team is rewarded with a guide to wine and a Wine Master award will be given to the individual with the most unique approach to wine appreciation. 


Competitive, relaxed and lots of fun, Calling the Shots is the perfect icebreaker or accompaniment to a dinner or evening gathering. It tastes great too!

Quick Facts

Location: Indoor
Duration: 90 minutes - 110 minutes
Participants: 24 - 200

Key Learning Benefits

  • Networking
  • Cross Functional Co-operation
  • Fun/Motivation