Peak Performance

In Peak Performance teams manage resources and monitor conditions as they instruct their guides up Mount Everest to the summit and return to base camp over an 20 day expedition. 

Due to the complexity of the game and the number of variables involved team members must take on individual roles acquiring knowledge, effectively communicating information to the group and successfully completing physical challenges. Considering all things they decide on how they will move each day and enter it into the game tablet. At the end of the game the team with the highest amount of points is declared the winner.

Successful teams understand the game mechanics, set a realistic shared vision, and working well as a team to observe the ever changing conditions on the mountain they apply an agile strategy and skillfully make swift decisions as a team to maximise opportunities to their advantage. Following the experience, participants use reflective observation to identify what occurred during the exercise, what decisions they made and the consequences of these decisions.

When paralleled to real business world circumstances participants are able to make effective behavioral changes by understanding and accepting the implications of their choices. 

Quick Facts

Location: Indoor
Nature: Competitive
Duration: 120 minutes - 180 minutes
Participants: 12 - unlimited

Key Learning Benefits

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Networking
  • Strategy Communication
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Cross Functional Co-operation
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Practical Leadership
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting New/Merged Teams

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