Team Torque

A packed crowd buzzes with excitement, all eagerly awaiting the first race! Entrants for the first heat – a nominated driver and mechanic from each team appear and race cars are held aloft for the eager crowd to catch a glimpse of their competitors. Mechanics pump air into their miniature rocket cars, forcing them off the starting grid. The straighter and truer their course, the further and faster the cars will travel.

Team Torque is a truly exhilarating event, bursting with energy and creativity. Not only must your teams compete in the 'Team Torque Grand Prix' but they must also strive to win the parts needed to build their model cars. Right from the start, teamwork is vital and the contributions of each and every team member will be critical to winning that final race.

So start your engines… rev up… and get your teams ready to race!

Quick Facts

Location: Outdoor
Duration: 90 minutes - 90 minutes
Participants: 40 - 250

Key Learning Benefits

  • Strategy Communication
  • Project Planning/Time Management
  • Fun/Motivation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting New/Merged Teams