You Bet You Can

You Tube documents a wide range of wacky ideas - plus some amazing evidence of what can be achieved when different individuals team up to work together. How often have we browsed the site and thought, “WOW! I’d love to get my work colleagues together and try that!”? However, you’ve never had the chance to give it a go - until now!

Creating the framework for ‘You Bet You Can’, we scoured the You Tube site for inspiring challenges that can only be achieved through coordinated teamwork. Each chosen clip has been meticulous documented and categorised on Teambuilding Asia’s user-friendly e-platform which seamlessly guides teams through the rules of the game.

Teams partake in as many challenges as they can. Risk versus reward is an integral part of the game as teams view category clips to assess the criteria and establish a ‘viability factor’.

The crux focuses on the teams betting on their own performance. If they achieve the success criteria within their schedule, they can double their bet. If they fail, they loose not only the time and effort they invested in planning, but also their original bet!

Ultimately, teams have to gel together quickly while focusing their energy and managing their resources effectively. All too often this activity unearths hidden talents among colleagues - which only adds to the fun of taking part in ‘You Bet You Can’! 

Quick Facts

Location: Indoor
Duration: 90 minutes - 120 minutes
Participants: 24 - 480

Key Learning Benefits

  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Resourcefulness/Budget Control
  • Networking
  • Strategy Communication
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Risk Management
  • Fun/Motivation
  • Uniting New/Merged Teams
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