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St. George's Human Potential

Published on Aug 10, 2014 by David Simpson

The first step of any journey is to know exactly where you are.

This is just as true of a journey of personal development as it is of a geographical journey. There are many ways to assess our current capabilities, such as carrying out examinations and IQ tests. One of the most revealing assessments is to carry out a Behavioural Profile for yourself.

Harrison Assessments has been designed to assess and predict the performance of an individual in a job role. Applying Jungian concepts of balance and shadow, the system does a unique form of Paradox Analysis to calculate conscious and unconscious measures of behaviour. Used primarily for recruitment and for career development, it is also very effective at identifying precisely what sort of change will result in the greatest improvement in performance.

The insightful Job Suitability and Behavioural Competency graphs pinpoint precisely which of your strengths are the greatest value to you, and whether you have a weakness that is holding you back from achieving your aspirations. Having identified the areas of greatest potential, an action plan can be produced which you can use to improve your performance at work and in your career.

St George’s Human Potential consultants can help you ‘look in the mirror’ and work out what you can do to achieve your goal.

David Simpson

Co-Founder & Training Director at Team Building Asia

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