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Langham Hotel work on Mission Vision & Values

Published on Jul 5, 2018

New Vision, Mission and Values for 2010 and beyond.

The Langham Hotel’s objectives were to build a shared set of values from which the senior management team could create a Vision and Mission statement specific to the Hong Kong premises. To facilitate this they approached Team Building Asia.

Prior to the workshop, participants completed a tailor-made “pre-work questionnaire” to ascertain what they felt was needed as part of the Mission and Values for The Langham Hotel. They also completed an online profiling assessment to generate a Team Graph and Reports of their natural behavioural preferences.

The morning session of the programme focussed on leadership skills - expanding on the results of the profiling assessment to highlight key strengths and areas which require development and strategic planning for the next 12 months. An Appreciative Inquiry process was used to inspire and determine a positive approach to generating solutions at the Langham Hotel.

In the afternoon, the focus was on creating the Mission and Vision statements. All participants were given a set of Value Statements which had been created from their pre-work questionnaire. Through facilitation, they were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the statements and why. This enabled participants to explore the statements in detail and to align then in terms of their self-perception, team preferences and the organisation’s goals.

The alignment was further achieved through a Diamond 9 exercise, where teams edited the Values Statements to create a set of values which were ranked accordingly.

These were then used by the teams to form the foundation of their Mission and Vision statements. The teams defined the desired level of performance at the hotel by discussing where they feel they are now. They also discussed where they believe the hotel wants to go in the future, creating a source of inspiration.

Input from all the teams was then discussed in an open forum and a vision, and mission statement, together with a shared set of values that all teams were in agreement with were created. Thus enabling all of the Senior Management Team to be truly aligned to their staff in terms of the direction for motivation.

“The entire process has been a very rewarding experience for Langham Hong Kong. Through the assistance of Team Building Asia, we now have a working Mission and Vision, with a set of values, which will assist us in reaching our goals and aligning our team for many years to come.”
Managing Director, The Langham Hong Kong

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