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Motivation is infectious and can influence an entire team. A motivated and engaged workforce is one that will work with an undeterred drive to achieve your company’s mission whilst upholding its values.

Implementing a programme of team building activities centred around motivating and engaging your teams will positively affect business performance. TBA can tailor motivational and engagement programmes to help your team members feel trusted and understand where they fit in the big picture for greater success.

Learn how to:

  • Develop Undeterred Drive
  • Motivate Through Passion
  • Establish Trust & Bonds

An engaged team is your company's best asset, here is how we can help you

Are you ready to ignite a fire within your team? At Team Building Asia, we are passionate about enhancing motivation and engagement to drive your team towards unparalleled success. We know that a motivated and engaged team is the foundation for achieving extraordinary results. Our programs create a fun and inclusive environment, strengthening connections and enhancing team motivation and engagement.

Step into a world of excitement with Beat the Box, a program that challenges teams to conquer a series of escape room puzzles. Collaborate, communicate, and think outside the box as you unravel mysteries within a locked metal case. Wheelchair Challenge is a corporate social responsibility initiative that goes beyond team building: build wheelchairs for those with mobility needs, fostering collaboration, effective communication, and empathy. Witness the impact of your efforts and instil a sense of purpose that drives team motivation and engagement to new heights.

Another interesting program to unleash engagement, creativity and motivation is Chain Reaction Tabletop: Collaborate closely to create an intricate chain reaction, showcasing the power of teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation.

We are here to help you find the perfect experience that works for your team tailoring it to your special needs, creating the perfect mix of motivation and engagement.

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