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6 Team Building activities to promote company values

Published on 10 Feb 2018 by David Simpson

Team building activities should undoubtedly be fun, but in order to maximize their effectiveness they should help promote your company values. While all team building activities directly or indirectly exercise company values of trust, communication and friendly competition, our handpicked list showcase the most effective team building events for communicating company values and having tangible back to work benefits.

1. The Big Picture: paint your way to effective teamwork

The Big Picture puts your whole team to work on creating a masterpiece of epic proportions. Large groups are split up into smaller teams in charge of a small section of canvas, which fits into the puzzle of the ‘big picture’. Pretty quickly teams realize that in order to ensure the lines on their canvas match up they will have to develop strong communication channels, without being allowed to view the other teams work. The big picture explores the concept of a company having a common goal and using cooperation over competition in order to achieve it. Once all canvases are complete, the artists leave for a break. When they return a huge canvas is hidden behind a veil and with a dramatic reveal they can view the fruit of their labour, a huge beautiful artwork; a reflection of their company goals, values and vision. Many companies hang their artwork in the lobby as a reminder of the work everyone put into the big picture.

2. Flat Out Afloat: see if your team is water tight

Flat out afloat challenges teams to build a seaworthy vessel fit for a race on the water, the catch is they have to make boats out of cardboard (and a little plastic). Despite seeming impossible, teams really get creative when they are building a boat for their colleagues and have pulled off some truly amazing constructions in the past. Flat Out Afloat enforces the common company values of hard work and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Inspired by a healthy dose of competition, flat out afloat is both enormously fun and incredibly valuable for companies trying to inspire the values of time management, hard work, team work and ingenuity.

3. Speak Up Speak Out: ensure all voices are heard

Speak Up Speak Out is not so much an activity as a platform from which to discuss important questions regarding the company values. Each member of the team is encouraged to share their points of view concerning questions like ‘should you stop at nothing to win?’ and ‘Must you be a team player?’. The act of discussing company values actually allows employees to deeply consider their stance on the values of your organization, rather than just acknowledging they are there. Speak Up Speak Out creates a safe space for everyone to voice their opinions and has very clear back to work benefits. We believe Speak Up Speak Out is an activity that all companies can benefit from.

4. Beatswork: feel the rhythm

Musical activities are not only fantastic icebreakers they are fantastic team bonders for both new and established teams. Beatswork arms each member of your group (between 20 and 2500 people) with a variety of percussive instruments. Together you make an incredible cacophony of drums all beating to the same rhythm. The feeling of being a small yet important part of a large group is an incredible feeling and without so many words, affirms the company values of teamwork and striving towards a common goal.

5. Dragon Squad: create your own dancing dragon

Dragon squad is both an amazing team building activity in the fact that it promotes of teamwork, creativity and a common goal all the while celebrating Chinese culture. Teams create their very own dragon from cardboard and fabric, decorating it in the company colours. Once they have created their dragon they then need to learn how to make it dance. The dragon dance is a collaborative performance requiring teams to be in sync with one another in order to bring the dragon to life. This requires planning, agreement and excellent communication. The most creative performance wins, so Dragon squad encourages teams to really think outside the box to impress the judges.

6. Creative Juices: mix up your team skills

Creative Juices is a business simulation of what life would be like in the smoothie business… if there were only twelve countries in the world that only grew one kind of fruit each. Ok so it’s not quite real life, but challenges of devising win-win situations for all the players and the restrictions on communication are very real, as are the smoothies that everyone gets to drink at the end! Creative Juices encourages teams to think through business problems that they are not familiar with in order to come up with the best results. It promotes the company values of delegation, negotiation and well-planned communication. World leading companies like BlackRock have chosen to test their team with the Creative Juices programme.

Keep it in perspective

It’s very important to keep team building activities grounded in the values of your company, otherwise they can be forgotten or misinterpreted. It is equally important to choose the right fit for your company in order to see the best return on investment and back to work benefits. At Team building Asia we have over 13 years of experience in the team building industry and understand that no two companies are the same. We customize each event to the specific client brief and work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible result for the participants. If you are planning a team-building event, contact us for a custom designed experience.

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