workshop on creative video marketing

Workshop on Creative Video Marketing

An interactive video workshop by Tay Guan Hin and Tim Wade in which you'll find out how video can help you communicate clearly.

Time is the new currency. In times of uncertainty and miscommunication, our messaging needs to be even clearer and more engaging. Whether sharing messages internally to staff and stakeholders, or externally to your customers and prospects, how can you better leverage clarity, creativity, tech and your own people to get the message to where it needs to be heard? And to get your audience to engage with it, to invest their time with it?

Video expert Tay Guan Hin takes you on a journey to solve these challenges, share new ideas and save the world from wasting time and drowning in confusion, and help you have your message heard.

In this interactive video, you'll explore:

  • where and how to invest your training and team engagement time
  • internal and external team directions
  • the power of vertical
  • message singularity
  • ideas for greater reach, greater engagement and greater impact, and
  • increasing Return On Time Investment, for you and your audience

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