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Workshop on Social Leadership

An interactive video workshop by Andrea Edwards and Tim Wade in which you'll explore the 5 steps of the social leadership blueprint.

Our world has been turned upside down and it has forced us all to stop, reflect and cope with intense emotions, all while attempting to keep our businesses moving forward. As leaders in this crisis, we have many challenges to overcome and we must communicate effectively and powerfully. Our audiences are seeking clarity across many issues and in order to communicate, we have had to instantly switch to digital channels to get our message out.

However, many ignored the advice to embrace a social leadership mindset prior to this crisis, and it means leaders are forced to learn on-the-go. So, you are being asked to master digital platforms, but how do you do it in a way that's appropriate to your audience, in tune with reality and enhances versus hinders your reputation?

The Digital Conversationalist, Andrea Edwards, guides you through her blueprint of social leadership during the times of COVID-19, but also makes the point that this is an opportunity to transform how we participate on social media for good. Find out what it takes to become a better social leader, using well-defined messaging, and how you can lock in transactions when selling feels wrong.

In this interactive video, you'll explore:

  • the 5 steps of the social leadership blueprint
  • how to sell when no one is buying
  • the key dos and don'ts for social leadership for now - whether we stay in lockdown, whether we come out of it
  • the top priorities for social leaders
  • social leadership as a philosophy
  • how to stand out when everyone's now digital
  • tips to get your digital messaging straight

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