Clearing a Space

Clear your mind from unnecessary and unwanted thoughts with the help of a Focusing coordinator.

1 - 1.5 hours
1 - 50


Clearing a Space focuses on the wellbeing of teams and individuals. It is the first module of the Focusing process. Clearing a Space is a training programme dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of professionals, it relieves mental stress and improves productivity. Using dialogue, meditation and other techniques, a certified coordinator guides your staff through ways to deal with your daily life issues and how to park them to clear a space for positivity and forward thinking. It offers you and your team the opportunity to take a step back to observe the elements that are important to you right now. It gives teams an opportunity to clear a space and make room for priorities.

Learning Outcomes

Address key issues in your workplace. Focusing can be a resource at all times as it's a mind-body connection practice. A dedicated, professional trainer helps to observe, identify, and support current involvement to benefit mental health, productivity, and forward thinking. The meditation techniques help individuals list problems one by one and the resources that can help to deal with them. It literally clears a space in our busy daily lives and makes way to deal with priorities, creating awareness about our current situation. Participants learn how to relax, and this enhances their energy level to deal with current challenges.

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