Leveraging Team Differences

Workshop that focuses on conflict management and implementing changes. Third of four modules.

7 - 8 hours
10 - 20


Difference of opinion is an everyday occurrence in teams, yet it’s often a roadblock. Understanding the value of healthy conflict and bringing up more disagreement in meetings - enhances team productivity. Examine how to avoid silent agreement and how to move into collaboratively solving issues.

In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to be comfortable speaking up and conducting candid discussions. We’ll utilise a step-by-step guide to plan and execute dialogue that encourages honesty and deepens trust in relationships. We will simulate on-the-job examples and provide opportunities to practice resolving issues that support a culture of courage and openness.

This is one of the 4 modules on communication including Connecting With Impact, Communicating Powerfully and Motivating for Results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance self-confidence in your ability to speak “up and out”
  • Understand and separate discussion of issues vs. personalities
  • Build self-awareness of your conflict style and comfort to be honest with your ideas
  • Drive better outcomes when addressing issues and maintain trusted relationships

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