Motivating For Results

Workshop that focuses on driving communication, performance and results. Fourth of four modules.

7 - 8 hours
10 - 20


Too often teams under-perform due to differing priorities, poor communication, lack of accountability or motivation. Employees need to feel inspired and connected to the goals, in order for the team to achieve high performance. Feeling personally accountable and taking ownership of your role - at all levels in the team is key. You’ll examine how to drive results with your peers by creating buy in for initiatives.

In this dynamic, interactive workshop, you will experiment with the different communication tools to delegate, motivate and influence your peers. Using real life scenarios, you’ll plan and practice delivering key messages that drive individual and team results.

This is one of the 4 modules on communication including Connecting With Impact, Communicating Powerfully and Leveraging Team Differences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the variety of tools to utilize when motivating peers
  • Create collective ownership for your projects
  • Build your confidence and skill in clearly delegating to peers
  • Enhance personal accountability in outcomes by utilizing peer feedback
  • Gain greater buy-in for your ideas and influence team outcomes

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