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Building trust and success with the TRUST model

Published on 4 Aug 2021 by Stuart Harris

Have you ever managed a team in which the members did not trust one another? If so, you know how challenging and frustrating it can be.

Lack of trust in a team can result in serious management problems. Individuals might not share or exchange information with one another, causing a lack of consistency and efficiency in work. Trust is essential in a team because it provides a sense of belonging and safety for everyone to collaborate as one team.

We want to share the TRUST model developed by Judith E. Glaser with you because the 5 components it consists of are the base of trust in all (work) relationships:

T – Transparency: A working environment with transparency should foster a culture of openness that enables people to share their doubts and struggles about work.

R – Respect: Everyone’s opinion should be respected and valued even though there could be disagreement. Respective exchanges and appreciation of assistance would help build greater trust and bonding among team members.

U – Understanding: Mutual understanding is the cornerstone of building trust and empathy in a team. Understanding does not only include stepping into another’s shoes but also honouring each person’s strengths and weaknesses at work.

S – Shared Success: As a manager or business leader, you should emphasise pursuing shared and collective success in the team. Instead of setting individual targets, prove to your team members that the benefits of working together outweigh those of working against each other.

T – Tell the Truth: Trust is built on honesty. Admitting mistakes and faults could help to reflect and make corrections more quickly, as well as letting the team learn and grow together.

Here’s to all trusting teams!

Stuart Harris

Co-founder and Managing Director at Team Building Asia

PS: can you relate to the TRUST model and do you think there is a need for more trust in your organisation? Here’s what we can do for you.

Stuart Harris

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Team Building Asia

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