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3 ways to create a harmonious team working environment

Published on 14 Jul 2021 by David Simpson

Team collaboration still plays an important role in organisations even under the new norm of remote working nowadays. The chance of team conflicts could be greatly reduced if there is a healthy working environment for the team. Here are 3 tips to help to create a harmonious workplace for your team:

  1. Be specific when giving out suggestions for changes
  2. When you feel the need of asking for changes, state your suggestions in a specific and concrete manner. Rather than giving vague requests like "Try harder", "Think from another perspective", try to provide specific directions for your team to know what you want from them.

  3. Avoid criticising, complaining or blaming
  4. Criticism may be able to drive people apart, but it could also do the other way around. Blaming and over-criticising leads to missed opportunities for empathy and emotional connections, which could harm the team overall morale and easily results in conflicts.

  5. Communicate respectfully
  6. A positive working environment is based on the communication among team members. The old mantra of “Stand in another one’s shoe” is an appropriate tactic in avoiding conflicts in your team. Having small talks about people’s weekend, thanking others for offering their help would certainly benefit in maintaining positive relationships with your team.

Here’s to harmonious working teams!

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