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5 warning signs that your employees are tired of change

Published on 23 Feb 2022 by David Simpson

Change can be good to stimulate agility and a growth mindset. But constant change without strategy leads to substitution rather than evolution. When there’s been over a year of uncertainty and a constant flow of changing situations, your employees might become fed up with change, which will harm your workplace culture.

Here are 5 warning signs that your employees are tired of change:

  1. They have stopped igniting innovative ideas and new opportunities
  2. As a result of not being heard and past ideas going to waste, people will stop taking risks. Leaders must embrace risk-taking and involve their staff to follow them and do the same.

  3. Leaders have stopped listening
  4. People want to be part of a workplace that allows them to be their authentic selves, one that supports their initiatives and that drives purpose, responsibility and accountability. People want to be heard.

  5. Employees are forced into (existing) silos
  6. It gets complicated when management wants to try out new ideas but finds them difficult to implement because they just don’t work for your organisation. When other people get involved, this tends to exhaust them and forces them to retreat deeper into existing silos. It’s so important to break down those silos in order to understand the needs of the business and engage your people.

  7. Diversity and Inclusion are not effectively managed
  8. Organisations often fail to see their people as a profit centre, and employees feel that, and it drains them. Even relatively young, tech start-ups, often called the most dynamic, haven’t all been able to capture this. Change and growth require more than simply repackaging the same approaches. Here is what you can do to improve diversity and inclusion at your organisation.

  9. There’s a constant lack of trust
  10. When change becomes too demanding, management, as well as other staff, lose trust. Trust requires transparency from the c-suite on down and courage to lead through change. Here is how you can build up that trust again.

Change should re-energise and refresh the organisation. If it’s not, relationships fail and people get exhausted, and this slows organisational and people evolvement down.

Here’s to teams who lead through change!

PS: here are ways to re-energise your team through change

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