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Tips on How to Manage Regional Teams Remotely

Certain challenges will be faced in trying to manage regional teams, as business leaders, it is your job to to put measures in place to ensure that you can effectively motivate, communicate with, and acknowledge remote teams. Read more

Team Building Asia's COVID-cautious programme offering and framework

Are we ready to meet face to face or should we stay virtually connected? Discover our COVID-cautious solutions. Read more

3 Tips to Reignite Morale Within Your Team

As we are slowly going back to the office, many of us struggle with uncertainty, anxiety and low morale. Here are three tips on how you can reignite morale within your team after going through tough times. Read more

4 gamified ways to boost productivity

​You could be thinking that games and productivity are oxymorons, but we're here to talk about a couple of gamifications that can actually increase your productivity. Read more

5 Actionable Tips to Manage a Remote Team

David Simpson gives some useful advice on managing teams working remotely. Read more

Top 5 Trends for Team Building and Development in 2020

Discover the top 5 trends in team building and development in 2020 Read more

​The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Venue for Your Event

We share our secrets with you on how to go about finding the right venue for your event in Hong Kong. Read more

12 Actions for Hong Kong Business Leaders

Peter Nixon outlines important actions to implement as a leader to navigate crisis and change management in Hong Kong. Read more

10 hacks to actually bond with your team at a staff dinner

To successfully organise an event where your teams will actually bond with each other, try one of these hacks. Read more

Immersive Experiences Change the Face of Leadership Development

Advances in Virtual Reality (VR) have created exciting opportunities for training and team development. Read more

Multicultural team challenges and strategies

Take a look at our specific range of programs that address issues facing multicultural companies operating across Asia. Read more

Top 5 Trends in Team Building for 2019

Stuart Harris talks about the top trends and things to look out for in team building in Asia Read more