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10 hacks to actually bond with your team at a staff dinner

To successfully organise an event where your teams will actually bond with each other, try one of these hacks. Read more

Immersive Experiences Change the Face of Leadership Development

Advances in Virtual Reality (VR) have created exciting opportunities for training and team development. Read more

Multicultural team challenges and strategies

Take a look at our specific range of programs that address issues facing multicultural companies operating across Asia. Read more

Top 5 Trends in Team Building for 2019

Stuart Harris talks about the top trends and things to look out for in team building in Asia Read more

​How to Organise an Effective Team Away Day

Taking the team out of their everyday work routine for a special experience when planned and executed with intent can bond and unite teams . Read more

Get out of your SILO! 7 tips to start now.

Silo mentality is an attitude that can happen when groups do not share knowledge or information with others. Read more

Combine team building activities with charity

Combining team building with charity mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to participate in team building and enhance their sense of identity with companies. Read more

"A good show": an unforgettable team building

Discover Two Tribes, our indigenous games inspired challenge that encourages integrity, inclusion and mutual respect. Read more

Team Building 2.0 – the transition to experiential learning

Simien Lin lead a fascinating panel discussion the transition to experiential learning with a trio of experiential enthusiasts. Read more

Why companies should use experiential learning activities

Experiential learning focuses on the learning process for the individual. Here is why companies should use it. Read more

Training and learning

This article focuses on the three-day training experience of Simien Lin, a trainer and facilitator at Team Building Asia. Read more

The key to transformational leadership

Having employees who are full of energy, active, involved and motivated in their roles is what every company aspires to, but how to achieve this? Read more