Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our job to make your learning journey simple and effective. In case you’re left with questions, here are answers to some questions you may have. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

A. Pricing

What is the average price for a half-day event?


The average cost for a half-day virtual event ranges from HK$350 to HK$700 per person, this includes a set-up fee and then a per-person fee. This wide range is because every activity has different set-up needs in terms of staffing, license fees, and duration.


The average cost for a half-day in-person event ranges from HK$600 to HK$1,500 per person, this includes a set-up fee and then a per-person fee. The reason for such a wide range is that every activity has different needs in terms of staffing, equipment, materials, and duration. Also, there’s an economic advantage for larger groups.

What is included in the program price?

Depending on your choice, the program price generally includes:

  • Delivery of the program by a professional team on site
  • Design of the program by the R&D team
  • Customisation of the program and behind-the-scenes coordination by the event manager
  • Materials and equipment related to the program
  • Equipment delivery expenses
  • Support staff’s logistical expenses
  • Public liability insurance
  • Necessary license fees
  • If necessary, expenses for flights, ferry, travel time, meals, excess baggage, ...

For our learning and development programs, the price also includes post-event follow-up work and a Personal Development Journal which consolidates all the output from the event.

What is not included in the program price?

The program price does not include:

  • Booking of a suitable venue and catering for the program to take place and any holding room required
  • Audiovisual equipment, including LCD projector & screen and PA system
  • If a full-day program, we require you to order lunch boxes from the venue for the team due to the busy time over lunchtime setting up
  • Any single accommodations with breakfast and airport transfer for the total team members
  • Any team prizes

For questions about cancellations, postponements and drop-ins/dropouts, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

B. Event Roll-Out

How can we make sure team building will include a valuable ROI output?

Unless you want a resounding “So what?” factor at the conclusion of the experience, you have to question the ROI upfront. So, clarify exactly what you are investing the training in. It can’t just be fun, reward and appreciation; it is about people and more importantly your people. Make sure you can support the effects of learning on business performance by considering the points mentioned.

Remember that this is a process of discovery and the more qualification completed upfront for the proposed outcomes, the more readily this can be assessed on completion of the program. Also note that each training course cannot be scrutinized on an individual basis. A series of training programs must be completed in order for the ROI to be demonstrated. Consider how performance is measured E.g. Sales made, calls handled, and bills to clients. Then integrate these required outputs into the modular design and outcomes of the training programs.

Here are 6 team building objectives for the highest ROI.

How many staff will you provide for our activity?

Each activity has different needs in terms of staffing, equipment, materials, and duration. As a general rule, we try to maintain a staff-to-participant ratio of 1:20.

Can your facilitators support different languages?

Our facilitators can conduct programs in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

What happens once we sign?

Once you have signed our confirmation form, we will assign a project manager specifically for your event. The project manager will produce your event by helping you incorporate your key messages into the program, liaising directly with the venue, and discussing with you the type of debriefing that you will need to meet your objectives.

How much time is needed to plan for my program?

Our normal production time is about 4-6 weeks. Generally, the more time you give us, the smoother the planning process. However, we have become very good at delivering last-minute events in recent years as more and more clients are coming to us with tight deadlines.

C. Virtual Team Building

How does a virtual activity work?

Virtual team building activities replicate the same format as in-person team building activities on a virtual platform with a facilitator online with you. First, teams connect through a conferencing platform where they get placed into break-out rooms if required, then they complete the activity on a separate platform, either an app, website or video-based.

How is a virtual activity hosted?

The virtual event is hosted on a conferencing tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex. The virtual activity itself is either app, web or video-based.

How long does a virtual team building activity take?

Virtual team building activities take up 30 mins to 3 hours depending on the activity you choose. Icebreakers are short and sweet whereas thorough training programs need more time to be digested.

What's the minimum/maximum number of pax?

The minimum number of people for a virtual activity is 4 and the maximum is unlimited.

How long in advance should I book my activity?

Our normal production time is about 2-3 weeks. Generally, the more time you give us, the smoother the planning process. However, we have become very good at delivering last-minute events in recent years as more and more clients are coming to us with tight deadlines.

D. Venues

Do you provide the venue, food and beverage for our event?

We are mainly a team building company, therefore arranging for venues and catering/meals is not our area of expertise so normally our clients take care of that themselves.

If you need Team Building Asia to assist with sourcing or booking the venue, the charge for this is HK$5,000. However, booking a venue yourself is relatively straightforward and at your request, we can send you a venue option listing for your city of choice.

How much space do we need?

Each program has a different room size need, but as a general guideline, you will need a room that is double the size of your group. For a group of 50, you would need a room big enough for 100 people banquet style.

In which geographic locations can you deliver your programs?

We have three offices, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore and as our programs are highly portable this means we can deliver our programs across the whole of the Asia Pacific Region.

What happens in case of bad weather if we planned an outdoor event?

Should the program have an outdoor element, a backup indoor venue should be arranged so an alternative event can be delivered.

What happens in case of a Typhoon signal or a black rain warning? (applicable to Hong Kong and Macau)

If the event is in the morning or full-day and there’s an official announcement on the calendar day of the event, the event may be postponed to a mutually convenient date within one month of the original event date.

If the event is in the afternoon and the warning is lowered before 11:00 am of the day, the event can go ahead as planned. Otherwise, it can be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date within one month of the original event date.

E. Cancellation / Postponement / Drop-ins/Dropouts

How do I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking, please contact your sales manager.

What if we prepared for an in-person event but we cannot meet in person due to circumstances?

If your in-person event cannot take place anymore, we will work together to find the appropriate solution: postponement of your event or a virtual back-up program. If you choose the back-up, our events team will work out a virtual alternative that addresses your needs the same way an in-person event would. In case of postponement, the below postponement terms will apply.

What if I need to postpone my event?

If a request to postpone your event is made, rescheduling is strictly subject to availability and additional charges might apply.

A postponement for a different type of program other than the chosen one is classed as a cancellation and a new booking, then cancellation terms will be applicable with charges according to your situation (to be found in the confirmation form).

What if we have drop-ins/dropouts?

Participant numbers are confirmed at the time of returning the signed confirmation form. We understand things change and therefore accept any changes in numbers up to 14 working days prior to the program date. In the instance that notification of a change in the number of participants in less than 14 working days prior to the event and the revised number is less than the original number, you will be charged for the original numbers outlined in the confirmation form. Any increase in event numbers must be advised as soon as possible and additional costs will apply.

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