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Creating rewarding executive retreats

Stuart Harris states the importance of well-planned team building activities to successful corporate retreats. Read more

Meet the founders

Team Building Asia celebrates 15 years of success by launching three new courses for senior executive leaders. Read more

Pioneer or Pirate?

Imitation eats away at R&D budgets for the real innovators. Read more

6 team building objectives for highest ROI

A clear idea of your team building objective will ensure you get the best results for your team and highest ROI. Read more

Team Building as Part of People Strategy

Team building as part of a people strategy can help organisation to address many aspects of their business. Read more

Energising icebreakers for your team

4 energising icebreakers that are fantastic for your physical health and will help your team bonding. Read more

Team Building Activities for Communication

4 revolutionary team-building games to improve communication inside and outside of your organization. Read more

Encouraging diversity in the workplace

Ways to welcome a diverse range of ideas, opinions and understanding to benefit your organisation. Read more

Disruptive Innovation at HR Summit

Innovative team building programs Peak Performance, FreshBiz and Go Team on show at HR Summit. Read more

3 tips for gaining negotiation power

Three essential steps to follow to ensure the best possible result for both sides in your negotiation. Read more

Thrive from Workplace Change

We compiled a list of 7 ways you can manage your fears and thrive from your workplace inevitable change. Read more

5 signs of employee engagement problem

Find out if your team is suffering from a lack of engagement and how to address the issue. Read more