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Insights on team, organisational and personal development topics from experts in the field - communication, collaboration, leadership skills, mindfulness, engagement, motivation, innovation, creative thinking, trust, shared vision and more.

A value-based HR strategy

Initiate a value-based HR strategy in your company to better engage and motivate your employees. Read more

Ways to Lead When You are Not the Boss

Tips to use your leadership qualities to lead your team to success and work your way up the corporate ladder. Read more

Best practices for better staff retention

People are the core asset to any workplace, show how much you understand this in your onboarding process. Read more

Increase employees engagement

Boost employee engagement and ensure that your employees are invested in their careers to go the extra mile. Read more

Top Teambuilding Activities in Hong Kong

We've compiled a list of our top team building activities in Hong Kong all focusing on different values. Read more

Time Management 2

Lynda Aurora gives their insights on living a life that inspires you by managing time and priorities. Read more

Time Management 1

Lynda Aurora Impact Coaching's 3 strategies to get more time for your life and more life in your time. Read more

Rat Trap - Fun and flexible team building game

Teamwork and lateral thinking is encouraged in this mouse trap meccano inspired fun team building activity. Read more

Keep Young Employees Motivated & Loyal

The key 21st century skills that are key for young people to develop good workplace practises and effective learning strategies. Read more

Mission Possible hot selling product in Singapore

Save your Company from destruction in Mission Possible Read more

Calling all champions

Build cooperation, team bonding and success with The Big Picture Read more

A good time to give

Find out how to choose a CSR team building activity to help give back to the community. Read more