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Insights on team, organisational and personal development topics from experts in the field - communication, collaboration, leadership skills, mindfulness, engagement, motivation, innovation, creative thinking, trust, shared vision and more.

Mission, Vision & Value

In times of change, mission, vision & value are the one set of principles which shouldn’t change. Read more

Mastering the Change Curve

Find out how our programme can help your organisation to embrace change quickly and effectively. Read more

The Catalyst Global Conference

Team Building Asia’s team flew to Dubai for the 3rd Catalyst Global Conference. Read more

Tips for Great Leadership

Our Director, David Simpson, compiled a list of tips on how to establish great leadership. Read more

Increasing productivity in the workplace

Did you know that poor body posture can decrease your productivity at work? Here's how to fix it. Read more

Discovering the ROI for training

How we can observe training programmes and consider a few factors to discover the ROI they can bring. Read more

A glass half full or half empty?

Insights on how you can improve your life by simply changing the way you perceive things. Read more

HR priorities for 2010

The majority of HR practitioners in Hong Kong are making their priority to address issues around 4 points. Read more

Unleash Your Motivational Drivers

Try a simple exercise for yourself and then replicate this with your own team or the whole organisation. Read more

Hold a green event

Learn how to reduce your event’s carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment. Read more

Critical tips for team building

Learn the best practices to ensure you provide a memorable and exciting team building event. Read more

5 Tips for Relaxation

5 easy steps to follow for a deep relaxation as advised by the Registered Massage Therapists Read more