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Strength Based Leadership

How you can use the True Colours System to identify your team's strengths and improve performance. Read more

Beat information overload

How you can improve productivity when dealing with your emails by following these 3 easy steps. Read more

Team Spirit in Challenging Times

How to overcome challenging times in the workplace and keep a sense of team spirit alive. Read more

Yoga in the Workplace?

Lear how you body can receive many benefits by simply adding a few yoga poses to your workday. Read more

Spotlight on Discovery Challenge

Let your team enjoy a great day out with our new programme that takes in the city history and culture. Read more

Make this your best year yet!

Make this a year of change, nothing is forever or secure no matter what we are led to believe. Read more

The Orchestra and High Performance Teams

Find out how an orchestra and a Company work operate in the same way. Read more

Why Coaching Works?

Follow these 3 steps to implement coaching as an effective way to help people shift their beliefs. Read more

Wellness in the Workplace

Learn more on the two innovative and unique ways to achieve wellness goals in the workplace. Read more

Good Boss - Bad Boss®

Ever wondered the difference between good and bad bosses? Read on to find out. Read more

Make time for your life

Learn why speed reading is a useful skill to acquire and which techniques can be used to learn. Read more

Have a pleasant flight!

Learn what DVT is and what you can do to prevent it when travelling on a long flight. Read more