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Transforming Stress

How you can use the HeartMath method to transform emotional and mental energy into new feelings. Read more

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Find out a strategy to improve your overall performance and prevent health problems. Read more

Delegation in the 21st century workplace

How to use delegation effectively to free up time to focus on more important value adding work. Read more

Understanding Body Language

How body language will reveal a lot more about what's going on in a conversation than just the words. Read more

Kitchen team building challenge

In this fun team building challenge, teams get involved in the preparation of a gourmet three-course meal. Read more

Beating stress in the workplace

Learn how to relieve stress at work with these 5 easy to follow smart techniques. Read more

Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Appreciative Inquiry provides companies with an innovative and solid base for change and modification. Read more

Appreciating corporate values

Learn how appreciating corporate values effectively leads to increased team spirit and success. Read more

Beatswork comes to Asia

Discover an active team building musical activity perfect to build up employees motivational levels. Read more

Increasing work productivity through body awareness

How you can improve your productivity at work with a correct body posture. Read more

Why Change Management?

How to manage both continuity and change to keep up with today's business environment. Read more