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Change the Pace of Your Town Hall to Improve Focus & Engagement

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Change is inevitable and organisations must remain flexible to keep up with it. Town Hall meetings are an ideal way to do so. But most of the time, these meetings are one-way communication that is rather boring, predictable and ineffective. Treating town hall meetings as an opportunity for a team building experience helps to engage everyone in a way that makes everyone feel fully involved and committed to achieving the objectives of the organisation.

Town halls are an ideal venue to ignite your teams and take them from "being" to "doing." It makes them feel as if they are part of achieving something meaningful for the organisation. Our town hall team-building model is practical and can be easily adopted even in fully virtual offices. A good town hall session gets people to think, feel and act differently from the usual – which is what you want from your employees: great results, delivered consistently.

Key outcomes?

  • Improved focus & attention
  • Enhanced engagement & productivity
  • Team dynamics boosted

Choose the most engaging town hall team-building experiences for your teams

Employee engagement directly affects business performance. Increased engagement at townhalls improves team dynamics and productivity. Team Building Asia’s activities boost your town hall participant engagement and focus. Research shows that productivity and attention are sharply increased with regular mental and physical exercise. The benefits are enhanced when it is carried out with others rather than alone. Our town hall activities help you engage and refocus your audience resulting in higher productivity.

We shape townhalls and leadership offsites by bringing together relevant stakeholders to focus on topics of importance to the business. These are strategic meetings that help you drive your business objectives forward. Town hall activities help you engage and refocus your audience resulting in higher productivity. Body Rap Remote, for example, get participants to stand up, move around and at the same time memorise repeated movements in order to activate the creative part of their brain. IMPACT, on the other hand, engages teams to contribute to the greater good, stimulating feel-good mindsets and empathy. At Team Building Asia, we have an array of experiences that can enhance focus, engagement and productivity at your next town hall.

Take a look at our town hall team-building experiences below and reach out to us for any tailored event plan. Alongside the town hall engagements, we also have a range of energisers for annual kick-off or end-of-year events as well as conferences.

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