Resolving Team Conflict

Foster Healthy Conflict for a Culture of Innovation

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An efficient team is the sum of its individuals. Managing the conflict that can arise from different work styles is the key to fostering a workplace that creates ideation, innovation, procedural change and the implementation of ideas.

Our trusted experiential team development solutions help stimulate an environment that benefits from healthy conflict. TBA has a gamut of activities using gamification that provides a safe environment to help you set up rules of engagement and conflict management for thriving teams.

Learn how to:

  • Set up Rules of Engagement
  • Foster Healthy Conflict Management
  • Stimulate Positive Thinking

Master conflict resolution and many other skills in team development training

A team that works cohesively and well together is more likely to generate business success. Different skill sets and creative ideas can complement each other to create solutions more effective and innovative than any one person could do alone.

But not all teams work seamlessly from the beginning – and that is completely normal. Team conflict arises from time to time and, in many situations, is unavoidable. But truly good teams don’t try to stamp out conflict of any type. Instead, they use various team development training solutions to turn conflict into something positive. From this, constructive criticism and ground-breaking ideas can arise, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging work environment that stimulates positive thinking and collaboration.

With years of experience in the field, Team Building Asia has a wide range of team development and training solutions to help your team manage conflict. Speak Up Speak Out, for example, is a team development solution which allows team members to express their opinions on company values in a more informal and relaxed setting. Bridging the Divide is a gamified team training experience in which teams must construct a bridge with limited resources, strict timelines, and communication barriers. The aim of these games is not to create conflict with differing opinions, but to give your team the skills required to take these conflicts on and take positivity out of them with a more effective solution.

If your team enrols in our team development training, you can expect to learn countless skills ranging from effective communication, trust building, collaboration and co-operation. Individual skill is important, but it can only take you so far.

Give your team everything it needs to work effectively together and produce high calibre work through our selection of team training activities.

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