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5 simple steps to design a change management plan

Published on 13 Apr 2022 by David Simpson

After months of instability and trying to recreate stability, you might have finally found stable grounds to continue efficient work.

Whenever another changing situation arrives, you can choose to accept it and try your best to achieve stability again, or you can choose to create a change management plan ahead of time so when that moment of change arrives, you are well prepared and can achieve stability 50% faster.

  1. Start from the business goals
  2. Your change management plan needs to be aligned with your organisation’s overall business goals, so that’s a great starting point.

  3. Develop a strict timeline
  4. What, who, when and how will the strategies be implemented?

  5. Create a seamless communication plan
  6. The communication plan should have a singular goal: that your goals are transparent. It should establish an open dialogue from the c-suite down.

  7. Measure the plan’s effectiveness
  8. Define measurable change management KPIs for ongoing effectiveness.

  9. Select Change Leaders
  10. Select authoritative people who are supportive of the objectives and are eager to communicate this with the rest of their team.

Here’s to driving successful change management as a team!

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