workshop on innovation natalie turner

Workshop on Innovation

An interactive video workshop by Natalie Turner and Tim Wade in which you'll discover the six I's of Innovation and how to put them to use.

Author & Speaker Natalie Turner gives practical tips and ideas that you can implement to increase innovation, engagement and resilience within your team. Innovation as a survival skill.

This is a great opportunity to increase employee engagement and innovation during a time of isolation and uncertainty. In this session, you'll go through practical strategies to help leaders engage with their teams and help employees enhance their innovation. Natalie will take you through the Six 'I's® of Innovation, which will teach you how to identify specific innovation strengths within your team, how to increase the quality of innovation, and how to improve the effectiveness and engagement of team members. You will actively use a professional hand-out to take a new perspective on your structure and workforce.

In this interactive video, you'll explore:

  • why now is a great time to innovate
  • the capabilities in your team members
  • which innovation profiles are in your team
  • methods to harness team strengths
  • new strategies to dramatically increase team engagement
  • how to move forward by embracing each team member's skill set, and
  • how to get started immediately

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