Beat the Box

Escape your boundaries

1 - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
15 - Unlimited


Beat the Box begins with a mysterious video message in which a strange voice challenges the participants to a game. Each team is faced with a metal box. Inside is a series of locked cases each containing a mystery to be unravelled. In the room the clock ticks counting down the minutes.

Teams set about to solve the problems, crack the combinations and unravel the mysteries to advance from one case to the next. And, ultimately they must decipher a code and enter it into an electronic combination lock before the time has elapsed. Can your team Beat the Box?

Learning Outcomes

In Beat the Box teamwork and a collaborative mind-set are imperative for success. Participants combine their different skills for problem solving and developing creative solutions. The pressure is intense and at times teams will doubt that they can be successful, but a cool head, logical approach and self belief will ensure success.

A real test of teamwork. Throughout the course of the activity teams learn to work efficiently and effectively within limited time constraints. Beat the Box is a truly collaborative team exercise as in the final stages of the game teams must cooperate, joining their clues together in order to uncover the correct code.

I would like to sincerely thank you and your team for organising a very successful team building event for our company in Taipei. We have received positive feedback from many of our teammates. Your facilitators are awesome and care about what we do as a company, fully integrated themselves into the team immediately, controlling the pace very well, and delivered the key message to everyone in an impactful way. I am impressed by their strong facilitation skills, abundant experience and warm personalities. The event ran so smoothly and it was so enjoyable working with you and your team. Thank you very much again. Looking forward to more collaboration opportunities in future.

Senior HR Manager, Asia
Eight Roads Ventures

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