Connecting With Impact

Workshop that focuses on self awareness and understanding to improve teamwork. First of four modules.

7 - 8 hours
10 - 20


Teams often fail to produce results – not because of ‘who’ they are or ‘what’ they do but because of ‘how’ they interact. The “how” encompasses self awareness, flexibility, empathy and trust – which you’ll explore through this high energy, discussion based workshop. You will learn the variety of ways that people interact and how to be purposeful in achieving your goals. Practical planning and execution tools will be leveraged to enhance your peer connections. You’ll examine your own communication preferences and apply greater flexibility to achieving results – benefiting your individual relationships and the teams’ ultimate success.

This is one of the 4 modules on communication including Communicating Powerfully, Leveraging Team Differences and Motivating for Results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build self-awareness of your impact on peers in order to deepen your relationships
  • Understand the variety of communication options that can be utilized to build consensus
  • Enhance the level of trust within your team to allow seamless communication
  • Demonstrate flexibility in your communication style to drive team collaboration

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