Kelvin Wong TBA

Kelvin Wong

Product Development Manager at Team Building Asia

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Kelvin is a product development manager and facilitator at Team Building Asia since 2017.

Kelvin embarked on his event management career by planning and organizing conferences, receptions, lectures, and internal events from A to Z. After having lived in the United States for 12 years, he came back to Hong Kong to focus his career on the training and development field, and at the same time conducting team building events and workshops across Asia for corporate clients such as the Big 4.

Having worked with international clients with different backgrounds across different fields, Kelvin knows how to work events with the most diverse groups. He is a dynamic facilitator that engages his audience to bring out their potentials. Kelvin is an accredited Trainer in DiSC certification behavioural profiling. Thanks to his knowledge of many years of facilitating events, Kelvin also develops and improves team building and training products.

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