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Breaking Geographic Barriers for Effective Remote & Hybrid Teams

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Team engagement is important, but how do you make it happen when employees are both on-site and remote? Add social distancing to this, and it is clear adopting virtual team building activities, which are proven to be effective across hybrid teams, will be critical for your success.

Using its extensive experience in building effective teams across Asia, TBA has a gamut of online team building activities for remote and hybrid teams. Our activities help your teams take advantage of their environment to improve and build on successful team dynamics.


  • Engaged Remote Teams
  • Foster Remote Collaboration
  • Strengthen Team Bonds

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Team engagement is one of the most important aspects of a well-functioning, productive and effective team. Fostering a sense of team spirit and bonding through a variety of virtual team building activities can boost every aspect of your business from employee happiness down to client servicing. Particularly with the recent social distancing measures and a trend towards work from home policies, more traditional team building methods are failing to work. Despite this, it is clear that adopting online team building activities across remote and hybrid teams will be critical for business success in the long run.

With years of experience facilitating remote team building activities across Asia, Team Building Asia has a wide range of programs for remote teams. iBuild, for example, is a dynamic and engaging communications activity perfect for remote team building. The goal is for your team to create a replica of a model without seeing it, only communicating about it. Peak Performance is another virtual activity focussed on communication in which participants are invited to lead their guides safely up and down Mount Everest. In both activities, each member of your team has a specific role to play from their remote locations. They test the communication skills, patience, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities of your team as a cohesive unit – like how a more traditional business setting would.

Our online team building games, virtual icebreakers and activities, bring your team on a valuable learning journey to better handle day-to-day problems in the workplace.

Each activity has its own specific advantages and can help your team adapt and grow in slightly different ways. Click on each individual virtual team building activity to learn more about it and whether it suits your team.

Team Building Asia offers a variety of services ranging from building trust & success within your team to helping your employees deal with change around the workplace. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists if you need any advice or help.

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