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Published on 2 Apr 2019

Faced with significant workplace change with the construction of a new building, AIA Group Finance sought the assistance of Team Building Asia to develop a programme to help employees actively engage in the changes being faced.

Focused on co-creation, creativity and connectivity, the programme resulted in the 200 attending employees building a 20 storey, miniature replica of their ideal workplace. Teams were responsible to build their ideal floor in an acrylic rectangular prism using basic blueprints for office materials such as chairs and desks.

Office Build

Teams could also earn more pre-produced materials such as plants, computers and grand pianos through gamification using the values from AIA’s Vitality Concepts, the organisation’s science-backed wellness programme.

Office Build

Working in teams, participants were stimulated by an architectural rendering of the proposed building, virtual tours and proposing the question ‘Why do people do these things?’ with references to museums, classical music, art galleries etc. Challenging employees to bring the concepts of eye pleasing and thought provoking to the building of their floors.

Office Build


The returns AIA Group Finance has experienced is a more engaged workforce and one that is actively involved in ensuring their environment is one that is collaborative, creative and connected.

“We are delighted to have made it as a Finalist for the 2019 Event Marketing Awards in the Category of Best Business Solution for the AIA Group Finance Future Building campaign. Thanks to AIA Group Finance for their support and co-creation of this fantastic campaign." Stuart Harris, Team Building Asia

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