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Engaging and energising participants to maximise event and conference ROI

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People’s energy and attention span decrease naturally at long events and conferences. A change of pace plays an important role in keeping energised and focused at meetings and at conferences. TBA’s team building activities instantly energise participants and bring out curiosity, resulting in better event outcomes.

Even the most social extroverts require a nudge to get going when at a conference or business meeting - especially around people they are unfamiliar with or a larger crowd of attendees. Once they are triggered, interaction and relationship building become much easier and it will lighten the atmosphere and outcomes of the event.

Learn how to:

  • Break Through Interpersonal Barriers
  • Create Natural Networking Opportunities
  • Increase Energy and Engagement

Choose the best ice breaker for your conference

When you're organising a conference, there's a lot to take into account. You might get caught up in the agenda and planning so much that you could be overlooking some important details like your delegates' engagement and wellbeing, and that is key to a successful conference. At conferences and annual events, attendees are bombarded with information. They find it hard to focus on the event agenda and even harder to contribute productively. They need to be (re-)engaged and a great way to do that is through an inspiring team building activity or motivational keynote speech.

Ice breakers and energisers for conferences can be a mix of active and physical team-building activities designed specifically for conferences. Knowing Me Knowing You is the best networking ice breaker for any conference. Delegates race to find commonalities between each other. Energise your audience with Boom Time, a rhythmic activity that will get your delegates off their seats. Or amaze your delegates with something totally new and different - Drone Control - which literally brings about dynamics and new perspectives.

Somewhat longer activities can also engage your delegates and leave them with a long-lasting memory of your event. Synchronise all your attendees through Orchestrate, an exhilarating experience in which delegates learn to play an instrument and become a life-like orchestra in just two hours. Get your delegates out of the room with Go Team - an amazing-race type of activity that will energise everyone and spark engagement. Is your conference about sustainability? Then IMPACT is the way to go. IMPACT raises awareness about the 17 sustainable development goals and automatically makes impacts towards the greater good - an excellent kick-off for your sustainability conference.

Virtual and hybrid conferences and annual events can be even less engaging as delegates are staring at their computer screens all day. A great warm-up activity is Body Rap Remote, a quirky and colourful way to start your conference. Another very engaging tool is Breakout Bingo which facilitates networking among all delegates. Turn to Game Show Live for a more competitive and trivia-like experience - or the fast-paced Win it in a Minute Remote to showcase every delegate's talents. Team Building Asia's portfolio for conference icebreakers ranges from A to Z and beyond.

The art of energising a conference is extremely simple, reach out to us and we'll take it from there or take a look at our portfolio below.

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