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Energising icebreakers for your team

Published on 6 Jul 2016 by David Simpson

We all spend entirely too much of our lives strapped to office chairs, looking at our fitbits wondering how on earth we will reach those 10 000 steps! How about you introduce some movement into your office or conference with a few energiser activities? Not only are they fantastic for your physical health but they double as icebreaker exercises for new teams and large groups. So whether you’re based in Shanghai, Singapore or Hong Kong, get on board with these awesome icebreakers and enjoy the results.

1. Get energised with Hong Kong icebreaker head to toe

head to toe energiser icebreaker

Head to Toe energiser activity is all about teaching your team how to stay active during the working day with a few simple breathing and stretching exercises. Not only are the exercises in Head to Toe good to keep your body moving, they act as a little mental pick-me-up when you need it most. The activity is a quick half an hour energiser, easy to fit into any workday or conference for that much needed active work break.

2. Slap your way to success in boom time

boom time icebreaker activity

It’s the things that make you go BOOM! Get your team moving, laughing and harmonising with colourful plastic tubes that each produce a different note. Boom Time is a little bit like Guitar Hero but each member holds one note and you all have to coordinate the melody. Boom time is perfect to break up a conference; it lasts only 20-30 minutes, works with unlimited numbers of participants, is stimulating, fun and motivational and a great way to unite new teams.

3. Fall over for team building energiser domino effect

domino effect icebreaker team building activity

Does your team have the steady hands to pull off a domino chain reaction? The aim of this activity is to build a giant domino obstacle course that ends in the popping of your balloon. How you do this is up to the ingenuity and creativity of you and your team. Domino Effect is incredibly flexible, takes 30-60 minutes, works for teams of 6 to 150 and is fantastic for energising and conference. And the moment your balloon pops is guaranteed to get everyone in the room laughing.

4. Get your team's adrenaline racing in need 4 speed

need 4 speed team building activity

Switch into overdrive and snap together a brand-new ‘concept car’ in record time. However at the end of the day it is not just speed that counts, you must design a car that meets customer expectations as well as racing it to victory. Need 4 Speed is a conference energiser and a business simulation lasting between 60-90 minutes, targeting high level skills like strategy communication and negotiation skills. But don't worry, it's still loads of fun. So wave the black and white checked flag and get racing!

Get up, get moving and get interacting

One of the great parts of team building is that it is an opportunity to break away from the everyday mould and get your team up and moving. No matter how long you have to spare, these team building energisers will be refreshing and revitalising. Inject them into a conference, dinner or networking event and see the results instantly.

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