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Invest in your leaders by developing their skill set using immersive VR learning

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Leadership development is essential for any organisation - not everyone is a born leader. People in leadership positions need nurturing and space to grow. In general, leadership skills are hard to find and even harder to cultivate.

At Team Building Asia, we believe in the importance of leadership development. Therefore, we work in a partnership with an expert agency in the field: Growth Academy Asia. Our partner's programmes are designed to provide leaders in your organisation with the opportunity to learn, grow and develop their skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Together with GAA, we offer a variety of programmes that cater to different learning styles and needs, so you can be sure to find one that is right for your team.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Effective Communication
  • Employee Happiness & Satisfaction

Empower leaders to create more leaders, not followers

Growth Academy Asia's Leadership Development programmes are data-driven and based on behavioural psychology. The VR setting reveals true behaviours that are generally not detectable in a typical classroom, assessment or coaching setting. Using Immersive Virtual Reality training, leaders plunge into iterative learning and soft skill development. They learn how to increase productivity, manage remote teams and work with different personalities. Through peer-to-peer feedback, leaders learn how to solve problems, make quick decisions and communicate effectively - ultimately developing into transformative leaders. Participants receive specific insights and practical outputs such as a facilitator report, observer feedback and peer-to-peer data.

Our partner's programmes are experiential and hands-on, so participants can apply what they learn in the workplace immediately. They have a variety of leadership courses and workshops to suit your needs - from developing leadership skills in a new manager, to coaching managers on how to be better communicators. Their team of experienced professionals will help your team grow into the leaders you need them to be. The programmes can be customised to meet the specific needs of your company and your leaders. Discover them here.

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