David Simpson

David Simpson

As a knowledgeable training professional with over 20 years of experience in team building, David has astonished and engaged large audiences.

David is a qualified Psychological Health Clinician and originally worked with divided communities in Northern Ireland, young people with drug, emotional and behavioural issues in Hong Kong and professionals in the corporate wellness arena in Asia. This experience in the corporate field naturally led to the co-founding of Team Building Asia in 2002.

Playing games is David’s passion and he is devoted to sharing those benefits with the rest of the world. David has been delivering and facilitating team building events since 2002 and has spoken at several events and conferences such as the 2019 HKIHRM Conference and Exhibition.

David's speaking topics:

  • The Business Benefits of Gamification – why you should include gamification in the workplace.
  • Are games a waste of time? As a manager or employer, you are probably familiar with the pressure it brings in engaging your teams to perform well. But at the same time, you want to make sure your employees are happy and working together as a team. It has long been said that human capital is the greatest asset, but humans are unpredictable and no solution fits all.
  • Through the power of gamification, learn how simple changes in your daily workflow can have a huge impact on the performance, as well as the happiness of your teams.
  • Best practices and game-changing tools deliver long-term results.

Based in Hong Kong, David is available to speak across the globe.

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