Ritu G_ Mehrish SPEAKING.

Ritu G. Mehrish

Ritu G. Mehrish is a woman on a mission to humanize leadership. She provides a refreshing and unique angle in presenting the human side of leadership by talking about the challenges, dilemmas and setbacks of leaders in their leadership journey. She believes leaders don’t have to be superheroes, they don’t have to try to be perfect all the time.

Almost all leaders go through a phase in their career where they feel demotivated, uninspired, lost and not on top of their game. This could be triggered by various internal and external reasons like role fatigue, ineffective supervisor, misalignment of personal vs organizational goals, resistance to change, external and personal factors and so on. If this phase is not addressed it has a negative impact on the leader, the team and the organization. Ritu has given a name to this phase - Leader’s Block.

Some of the key takeaways for her audience are:

  • Learn about a phase that everyone goes through
  • Understand how to navigate through challenges and obstacle in the leadership journey,
  • Cultivate practice and rituals to overcome this phase and build resilience
  • Feel they are “not the only ones” with challenges and its ok to ask for help

Ritu is a speaker, executive coach and author, with 20 years of corporate experience with P&G, GE Capital and GE spin-off Genpact. In her last role, Ritu ran a multimillion-dollar business vertical with 1000 people across eight countries and five continents.

Her business and leadership experience has enabled her to bring in a pragmatic approach to leadership development. Her client list of - Google, PayPal, Swiss Re, JP Morgan, Applied Materials, Intel, Knight Frank, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, AIA, Medtronic, Wharton Executive Education, highlights the level of expertise she brings to the leadership topic.

Ritu has lived in multiple countries and is currently based in Singapore. Her book ‘Leader’s Block’ is published by Penguin Random House.

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