natalie turner

Natalie Turner

CEO, author, business coach and keynote speaker, Natalie Turner is a woman in leadership. In her keynote, Natalie offers a disruptive perspective on the way we do business and how we can harness the diverse skills of our workforce to create effective innovation.

Driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, Natalie invented the 6 'I's®. An innovative methodology applied by multinationals across the globe, including Singapore Airlines, Cisco Systems and LEO Pharma Asia. This concept adds an end-to-end people-centred approach to innovation, blending design-thinking with organisational development and an innovative strengths assessment for individuals and teams. Through the 6 'I's® Natalie explains the importance of skill diversity and the power of different mindsets to create impact out of new ideas.

Natalie is the Founder and CEO of The Entheo Network as well as Women Who Lead, a coaching, retreat and training company for women in leadership. She was selected for Business Book of the Month in two countries, the UK and Singapore for her book Yes, You Can Innovate and is shortlisted for the Golden Door Awards, the world's first award for writers of non-fiction.

Natalie's Keynote:

As the digital landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, dismantling and disrupting the way that we do business, how can we ensure that we harness the diverse skills of our workforce to create impactful and purpose-driven innovation?

Her key takeaways are:

  • Six strategies for harnessing the skills and mindsets of an innovator
  • A clear step-by-step guide to bring ideas to life
  • Enthusiasm for how to innovate, in day-to-day work as well as on innovative activities
  • Courage and inspiration to step out and take action

In her keynote, Natalie equips her audience with a practical application of The Six 'I's®. This encourages people to participate and inspires them to reach their innovation potential.

Based in Singapore, Natalie is available to speak across the world.