employees with costume collaborate in picture this team building activity

Picture This!

Published on Jan 17, 2011

Maybe you’ve tried our Hollywood Challenge and even perhaps Making The News and for 2011 we bring you Picture This!, a live comic strip to bring the conference messages home. Using industry standard software, teams build their own photo comic strip to present messages and key findings from brainstorming sessions and conference key messages.

As pre-work, we meet with the organisers and determine the overall theme and concept to be worked on by each team in Picture This! For example, a product launch, advertising campaign and company differentiation can be creatively expressed and displayed for all to benefit. Being more specific, a luxury hotel brand could promote their conferences, weddings, honeymoon, family vacations and incentive programs through a series of Picture This! outputs, where each story is connected and tells an overall narrative of the luxury experience the hotel brand provides.

The dialogue for the beginning and final cells for each teams is predetermined to ensure all comic strips link together and the team must work on the middle sections to complete their story theme. Photo cells with creative text boxes and a few annotations and illustrations will amaze you in the innovation and company awareness of your conference delegates. Taking only 2 – 3 hours to produce you might want to consider using Picture This! at your next conference – see you there!

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