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Client testimonials are a reflection of our commitment to business excellence
and working with our clients every step of the way.

Testimonials about our commitment to business excellence and working with our clients every step of the way.

If you are looking for fun and creative experience for a big group, you can count on Team Building Asia to deliver it”

Rio Tinto

The FreshBiz activity conducted with Team Building Asia was very successful. The event manager and facilitator were professional and took care of all needs and special requests we had.


Great experience for our leaders and Team Building Asia committed to providing the best.


We definitely will introduce Team Building Asia to our friends when they plan to have this kind of event.

Travis Perkins

Working with Team Building Asia to deliver our recent programme was a seamless experience. We developed a unique creative solution which Team Building Asia was able to adapt with their own Go Team APP technology to craft a Hong Kong centric experience. Testing and trialling with the client on-site visit was also a very smooth process. The event programme itself was extremely successful, from the marshal’s onsite at each of our iconic locations to our main facilitator Oliver, we worked exceptionally well with Team Building Asia. The clients were wow’d by the day, and their energy was boundless. It is very rare to have a team so energised after so many hours, and with the debrief process indicating higher than expected results both Turning Point Solutions and our client were extremely impressed with the outcome.

Turning Point Solutions

Thanks, Team Building Asia for all your hard work in putting together such a successful event. The feedback from all participants was outstanding. For me as a participant and an observer, it was clear that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Building A Dream activity. You guys really nailed the execution, a very well done job indeed.

General Electric

Thank you very much Team Building Asia for helping RGA Asia for the successful Crescendo activity. We did the internal survey afterwards and received very positive feedback from participants.

Reinsurance Group of America

The engagement with the participants was good, and how the facilitator went around groups and gave a further guideline on the business simulation game and the debriefing for the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine activity. Our experience with Team Building Asia was very unique and they successfully create the group dynamic amongst the participants. We also appreciate they tailor-made the materials to fit our youth so they were able to gain a level of success through the business simulation game, called Lost Dutchman's Goldmine.

Kely Support Group

Strong facilitator and creative activities - Great team and we'll use Team Building Asia again!

ANZ Banking

The feedback from everyone involved was that this Go Team was fantastic- unique and a whole lot of fun. The team was very professional and really did make our leaving celebration a very special event! Thank you Team Building Asia.

SAB Miller Asia Ltd

Congratulations to Team Building Asia team! Our annual staff event was a great success thanks to your incredible Chain Reaction activity! Thank you for your great facilitation and support.

Rio Tinto Shanghai Trading

Team Building Asia is a professional, innovative and responsible vendor which provide a good effect on our workshop’s team building.

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies