Accelerate Through Change

​Change is the only constant - but how we go through it is a choice. We can learn how to see better choices and make better decisions towards a desirable future.

7 - 8 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
15 - 40


Change and uncertainty are part of business and our lives. While change can bring about unexpected outcomes, how we control our focus and actions throughout change increases the probability of producing ideal outcomes.

Through game challenges, experiential learning and group activities, individuals build an adaptive mindset to weather through change. Participants will experience situations that initially appear as setbacks. By applying their learnings from the session, teams quickly reframe thinking to accept these situations as chances to grow. Moving forward, teams unlock their resiliency to discover ways to accelerate through change and break through new frontiers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to Increase Self-Awareness:

Through exercises and assessments, Individuals will understand the psychology behind their reactions to change and identify where they can switch their thinking to make the situations to be more comfortable

  • Build Resilient Individuals:

By shifting their thinking and focus, individuals will reduce the time spent in denial of change and move quicker towards turning the change situation to their advantage.

  • Develop & Unveil New Opportunities:

With individuals’ focuses concentrating on what can be done, possibilities flourish, and creativity unveils. Innovative ideas produce exceptional outcomes and new horizons.

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