Asean Single Currency

Teams work to develop a single unified currency for ASEAN

30 minutes - 3 hours
8 - 1000


In this trading & negotiation programme, teams become ASEAN countries to compete and collaborate to develop a single currency for the whole region. Teams represent various countries from the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and must work out a strategy to gain the highest value for their coins. The process is top secret, but someone has leaked out information. Teams will be given bits of intelligence and will need to negotiate and trade with other teams in order to win. Sometimes alliances are formed and other times it is everyone competing together, however, through the activity an appreciation of effective teamwork will be realized.

Learning Outcomes

Teams get to try out and develop their negotiation skills and strategic planning by trading with the other teams. There is also the opportunity for change management to be experienced as they go through the stages of denial, resistance, exploration and commitment. The debrief focusses on effective teamwork, with reference to the benefits of competition matched with collaboration to bring greater results. There are many benefits from competition such as being challenged to get results quickly along with the wider benefits of collaboration to ensure all ideas contribute to shared ownership and success.

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