Leadership workshop at Altus group

Published on 12 Sep 2011

Real estate consulting firm Altus Group engaged Team Building Asia to assist in their business planning strategy as the group completes its merger with Page Kirkland.

Due to the unique factors and differing company cultures involved to meet the new demands of becoming a public company a completely customised training programme was needed. This was achieve by sending all participants a two page pre-work questionnaire, covering issues such as branding, recruiting, cross-selling and more.

Once the results had been received, Team Building Asia consolidated all the findings and used the results to construct the content of the specific planning process. This involved guided facilitation of the hot issues and finding ways to reach consensus and formulate an action plan for each of them.

This was achieved firstly by a customised version on our ASEAN Single Currency activity, where elements of competitive-collaboration reinforced the need of sharing best practices. After this burst of activity, participants utilised a customised version of our Agree / Disagree Platform, to successfully reach a conclusion on the issues and promote efficient actions plans through quantifiable and time bound action plans.

Extensive follow-up has been arranged with Altus Group, where Team Building Asia has scheduled an immediate two week consolidation of all the outputs achieved and support in rolling out three, six and nine month follow-up action plans. Both Altus Group and Team Building Asia look forward to the results being successfully realised.

“Team Building Asia were successful in being able to meet our specific needs and I was strongly impressed with the customised and unique programme they delivered for us and continue to support us with” Mr Shane D’Arcy, Global President, Cost Consulting & Project Management, Altus Group.

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