Agility for Extraordinary

​Experience how to consciously shift your thinking for when and how the situation requires it, enabling your team to achieve outcomes with greater speed and creativity.

7 - 8 hours
15 - 40


Everyone has agility, but not everyone taps into it. The activities of this full-day workshop stimulate our untapped potential to think beyond the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary. Through building an empowering belief system and producing innovative outputs – individuals work as teams to produce phenomenal results.

To start off, participants will experience themselves being able to overcome tasks of which they once thought were “impossible”. Building on their empowered momentum, individuals will work in teams to come up with inventive ways to solve problems and apply out-of-the-box thinking. Tasked to build an operable robot, teams will be challenged to strategise, execute and refine ideas against changing situations and time.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to Excel Through Change:

Turn changing circumstances into opportunities to formulate inventive ideas and produce outstanding outcomes.

  • Build Agile Mindsets:

Teams will combine heads and come up with innovative ways to tackle various team challenges.

  • Develop Ownership During Teamwork:

Teams come up with winning strategies which require careful management and execution. Additionally, team members become motivated by their passion to succeed and contribute to a winning team.

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