Building A Dream

Build a bike & help a child in need

2 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
24 - 200


Teams solve fun and active problem solving challenges and puzzles to “earn” tools and bicycle parts for their team. When teams have enough resources, they begin the challenging task of creating an efficient assembly process to produce a variety of different bicycles in a limited time. Strict quality standards are imposed with formal quality control inspections conducted.

As the final deadline approaches, teams wheel their creations to a “start” line and prepare to present their products and a short commercial to the other teams who represent their customers.

Learning Outcomes

An extraordinary team event that creates impactful learning and lasting shared memories. Teams learn to move from competing with other teams to collaborating – sharing equipment, tools, best practice, expertise and resources - developing a collective goal of producing the maximum number of bicycles from available resources.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

Completed bicycles are donated to a chosen children’s home bringing joy to the recipients and satisfaction to the creators.

We had managers from different countries participated in the Building a Dream program in Singapore. It is a lot of hard work to get the bikes assembled as this is the first for many of them. They are especially delighted to meet with the children benefiting from their effort and knowing that it makes a difference to them. Overall, it is a well organized and impactful event.

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