Colour Assessment

Know yourself and know your team

2 - 2.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - 1000


Know yourself and know your team with this easy to remember tool. Participants complete a short questionnaire of their work and personal preferences. They will then discover the strengths and weaknesses of their preferred communication style, as well as those of their colleagues. There are four styles presented, which are easy to remember and apply. People with a Green preference are complex problem solvers, but they often experience conflict with colleagues with a Blue preference who are people-oriented. Someone with an Orange preference is enthusiastic and sees the bigger picture, but they may alienate their Gold referenced colleagues who need the fine details and timelines to feel inspired. By understanding first themselves they will be in a better position to better understand their colleagues. Presented in a fun and enjoyable style the Colour Assessment is both memorable and ready to apply.

Learning Outcomes

Ensure a greater understanding of yourself and your colleagues and how we can better work together, communicate more efficiently, avoid interpersonal conflicts, and improve working relationships. A comprehensive booklet is given as a handout to enable delegates to readily apply the skills learned in their daily work. Teams will report greater harmony and integration as they practice the skills and techniques to work more effectively together while having fun by gaining a better understanding of themselves and their team.

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