Speak to Unite

While communicating to build a stronger team and business relationships is often the goal – mastering it is an art

7 - 8 hours
15 - 40


In today’s world, even though communication is more convenient, communication has become less effective. This learning experience brings individuals to communicate through differences and experience how it creates opportunities to comfortably collaborate.

Throughout the day, individuals will experience common organizational communication challenges – Through practical exercises, games and interactive activities. As a result, individuals enhance how they communicate to connect, relate and collaborate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Reduce Silos in Teams:

Bring individuals to focus on mutual purpose and build connections with each other. This creates the basis for collaboration.

  • Increase Mutual Understanding:

Bring individuals to think and act with empathy. Understanding perspectives to be able to co-create mutually beneficial solutions to business challenges.

  • Build Stronger Business Relationships:

Build the mindset to focus on cooperation and build solutions with others

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