Innovate together

3 - 3 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - 10000


Imagine if you were able to gather all the ideas from everyone inside and outside your company to solve current challenges, create a strategic plan or develop key project, departmental or organisational initiatives.

Team Storming is a revolutionary way for senior teams to innovate together by gathering ideas internally and externally over a two week period that they then utilize in a Team Storming Session to create a final set of workable ideas or initiatives (with specific next actions to ensure that they happen).

Learning Outcomes

Great solutions start with great questions. The participants are briefed 2 weeks before the session and given the tools they will need to gather ideas internally and externally to bring to the Team Storming Session. During the session your team takes all the ideas they've generated before the session and then builds on them further before finally consolidating them Into a final plan of Initiatives and actions to succeed.

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