Water Works

Water Works is a fun, unique and creative program that directly impacts the lives of those in need.

1 - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
6 - Unlimited


Teams assemble a completely functional water filtration unit. There are only 9 parts that go together in a particular way to assemble the final product however success is dependent on all participants taking a collaborative and customer-centric approach. Once each team has built a filtration unit we ask them to decorate a canvas; the artwork will identity the specific filtration unit their group has sponsored and it will also be a fantastic memento for your teams and company and can be hung in the workplace as a reminder of the activity.

Learning Outcomes

As the team building exercise progresses throughout the day the participants not only learn to operate as a team to achieve a common goal, they are also required to demonstrate leadership and communication skills to complete their tasks.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

This is not only a fantastic way to improve team morale while having fun, it also offers your company an avenue for supporting a community in the process.

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